Preparing To Sell Your Home: 4 Easy Steps

Tuesday Feb 23rd, 2021



If you are looking to receive the most for your home, it’s important to prepare in order to obtain the highest number of potential buyers and offers. Sometimes, owners neglect this activity and end up receiving less than what they could have otherwise. Instead, we want to help you prepare and make your home look great to potential buyers! Here are a few tips:



1) Complete Any Outstanding Repairs


Having your home well-maintained is a key aspect to listing successfully. Imagine if you walked into a property and saw a crack in the drywall, missing trim or other messy items - would you be as inclined to purchase that place? Ensuring that your home is in top shape will help your property shine in the eyes of buyers and collect top dollar on offer day. 




2) Make Tasteful Cosmetic Improvements


As soon as a buyer walks up to your property, they are going to make their first impression of your home. The goal is to make any potential buyers feel welcome at this moment and as they walk through the front door. Inside, preparing your home to feel move-in ready is a key component to a successful sale. Some easy options include a fresh coat of paint, new hardware (door knobs, handles), tasteful lighting (fixtures and switches) and a well-maintained lawn. 



3) Have Your Home Professionally Cleaned


Even if you take pride in the condition of your home on a regular basis, having a professional cleaner work their magic will take your home to the next level! They are experts in their field and are able to attend to details that you may not want to, or even be aware of! Prospective buyers will notice this cleanliness and feel comfortable moving in with their family. 


4) Stage Your Home In A Pleasing Way


Helping buyers visualize the potential uses for each room is a great way to inspire confidence (and higher offers). Often, it is difficult for people to see things that are not there - staging your home in a smart, aesthetically pleasing way will do just that! Plus, it makes for great listing photos that put your property miles ahead of the competition!

As always - we are here to help you, from start to finish. Have a question about one of these steps, or want more specific suggestions? Message us today for expert advice and a FREE home evaluation!